Why i think people are not responsible for their acts

Now this might not be the best way to start a written thought but it is important to keep in mind that it is just a thought, nothing more. To begin with I think we can all agree that humans are influenced at least partly from their surroundings. So what if every human being is just a slave to his experiences and the impact others made on him. If that’s the case than our whole life we really never have the control about anything it is just others. To give u a better picture u have to imagine an individual as a vase. We all have a slightly different form in height,length or thickness but we are a vase. So this vase is going to get filled up with experience, others treatment etc. and we might interpret it differently because of our different shapes but in the end those things build our personality. All our decisions are based on it. And now thinking, that we can’t decide our outer appearance and seemingly not our personality what is left? Nothing. So what gives us the right to punish people through court or police just because their were born in the wrong circumstances.