PW#1 What is fair

Does being fair mean treating everyone exactly the same? (Explain why / why not.)

We often use the words “fair” or “ unfair”. However, what is fair?. In my opinion, the answer of this question is yes. Some people say that it depends on the situations, we should deal flexibly. But there is no ways to listen to everyone’s request. So it’s the better way to treat everyone same but we need to remind it is not the best way. I learned the differences between fair and equality in Japan. It said fair is to get what they need in order to be successful and equality is to get everybody same thing. In other words, fair is focused on the result and equality is focused on the process. It makes sense but I think they should be the same thing. For example, there are three people who are watching the soccer game. And there is the wall. So one of them can’t see the game because he is not enough tall and he is still a child. Should we give the box only for him or all of them? That is the point. But, everyone has childhood. It seems fair for me because I believe that people grow stronger through challenges. Though people in the society should be who give him a box, the society should not be like that.Do women get some handicaps because just they are women? It should not be. It’s the same things. There is no discriminations but also no compassions. If you need something, you should get by yourself. At least the society should be.

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