What happens During a basketball game PW #1


During a basketball game, there are 5 positions et for each player. The Point guard, Shooting guard, Small forward, Power forward, and Center the positions you get usually depends on your size and your skill, the position I play is center, during the game I set screens for the point guard and roll, when you roll your cutting to the basket and it helps with getting opened and scoring. The point guard is supposed to dribble the ball down the court looking for an open person or an open chance to call out a play. When the point guard calls the play all the players should react to it and move around to their positions that they practiced, if the defense reacts to there fist option then they move to the second, and if they react to the second they move to the third option. The first option is usually passing to the shooting guard whole will run around the screen set by the power forward, depending on how your play is, your second and third option is always different. The most consistent shooter on the team is the shooting guard, he takes most of the shots during the game, and the center and power forward box out every time there is a ball getting shot. the center posts up which is pushing on the defender and the power forward drives the ball in the paint.

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