“We Shall Not Grow Old” Comparison

After watching the movie We Shall Not Grow Old it really made me realize the true horrors of war. For example when reading a book like All Quiet on the Western Front and Soldiers Home you wouldn’t get the same feeling that this movie gave you. This movie showed real footage of World War I and the real people that suffered through it. In my opinion having the real footage shows people proof that these events are really as bad as people say, unlike books were there isn’t any evidence of war besides made up characters in a war-like scenario. The movie We Shall Not Grow Old really made me realize the trauma of war and why these men would come home feeling isolated and out of place, seeing bodies of the people you once knew and talked to would have been horrifying and unimaginable.

We Shall Not Grow Old, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Soldiers Home all have the same thing in common, the fact that once the surviving soldiers came home after fighting the war they never fully settled and most became lost souls.

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