WDolan_Personal_Writing “Transportation to Earth 362”

‘Transportation to Earth 362’


It has been three years since World War Three. People have been constantly talking about WW3 since WW2 ended. No one would have imagined that there would be a world war in the year 3000. No one thought the world or humans would exist any more. In 2990, the world divided into three sections. the Americas, the Central Earth, and the Eastern Earth. Each division had its own leader, who was hungry for power, and wanted to rule the nations. In the world today, it is not illegal to travel to another division, but it is dangerous. People will attack you, as they are taught to see you as the enemy. One day, someone from the Americas, went to Eastern Earth, and was killed. This sparked a mass war between the divisions leaders. The war lasted seven years. Many died, and resources were scarce.

To make matter worse, the sun was transitioning into its red giant phase within the next three years, which meant all life on earth perishes. To avoid this catastrophe, scientists came up with a machine, that will transport all citizens to a safer planet. We live on earth #618, but we are to be transported to earth #362, which is currently living in the year 2020. There we will be safe, and live in peace. In 144 days, we will begin our journey to the other earth. Those who are too old will be left behind. And all politicians have agreed to stay with those who are staying behind, as an act of kindness.

To be honest, I am nervous. I have studied the planet we are transporting to, and I must say that their technological materials, are not nearly as advanced the technology I use today. They still use materials that pollute the environment, and we were way passed environmental challenges, centuries ago.