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“The Taste Tester” by William Dolan


My mom and dad own a winery business. They also run a sparkling non alcoholic juice-cider business as well. And I will tell you about the biggest mistake in my life.


My name  is Karl. I am twelve and I love the smell of cider that my parents make. My parents always let me be the taste tester of the sparkling juice. My parents come up with new flavors every day. Some are better than others, but all in all we run a successful business. 


On  Wednesday, I was trying out the new bubble gum cider that my parents came up with. It was very good. Then I was asked to test the mango salsa cider, which tasted like mangos, but with a hint of spice.


One day, I was summoned by my cousin (who is my parents assistant) to test a sparkling juice. She said it was grape flavoured. Now my parents are very generous when they let me taste test. They give me a huge glass, as they believe that an individual must taste products several times to ensure that it is good. My cousin handed my a huge glass, and I gulped it all down. Normally the juice is sweet, but now it was bitter and sour. I gagged, and coughed. I just swallowed a huge glass of wine! 


“Are you okay?” my cousin asked.


“No!!” I said. It was extremely hard to breathe.


“I think I gave you wine by accident,” my cousin finally concluded.


You think!!!! You most definitely gave me wine. I could die. I drank almost a liter of wine.”


“Well the juice was right beside the wine. So I think I got the two mixed up. Besides, why wouldn’t you stop drinking it?”


“Because I was so surprised, I could not move my hands.” I have never have felt so angry. I am only twelve, I don’t even get paid to drink poison, and I am never taste testing a drink again. 


The next day, my Mom and Dad “fired” me. I asked to quit, and they said they don’t like quitters, and that is not how they raised me, so they just fired me instead. I was the happiest boy on earth. If your family owns a winery business, I warn you to smell the drink first, to see if you smell grapes or alcohol. 



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  1. Hey Will, I liked your story and the layout was good but I saw a small mistake in your writing. In the sentence: “My cousin handed my a huge glass, and I gulped it all down.” I believe that the word “my” should instead be changed to “me.”


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