WDolan_Personal_Writing “Sleigh Ride”

“Sleigh Ride” by William Dolan


I love Christmas. Every year, my sister, parents, and I, all go on a sleigh ride together in the snow. We live in Toronto, Canada and we always get a large amount of snow every year. Normally, everything goes nice and smooth. We have a great time, but the past two years have been an exception. When I say exception, I must say, that is an understatement. The past two years have been outrageous. I, Oscar Scarlatti, will tell you all about my Christmas time disasters.

The first story is not so bad. I still scowl every time I think about it. The first ‘adventure’ all started, when I found out I had a Christmas concert that I absolutely could not miss, at the exact same time that I did my annual sleigh ride with my family. I was furious, but I had no choice. So off I went to Central Toronto Academy with my trombone. Then at 12:17 pm, during lunch, my mom texted me and said that there was a notice, saying the sleigh rides are being pushed back an hour.  This would give me enough time to change, and meet my parents a few blocks down. So, after school (when I was feeling much happier) I went to the concert hall, and prepared for the concert, which was in 40 minutes. All in all, the orchestra did very well. Normally our concerts are absolute garbage! I screwed up on some of my music notes, but other than that I think I did well.

After the concert, I rushed home to find my family there. All of them were laughing and having a good time. I was confused. I was expecting them to be at Dundas Square waiting for me. My dad was covered in snow, and they had blankets in their hand. My mother finally noticed me.

“Oh, hi Oscar.”

“Hello?” I said still confused.

“I am guessing you want to know what happened?” she went on.

“Absolutely!” I said a little more forcefully than I intended.

“We went without you,” she said flat out. “There was another notice, saying that the rides were back on schedule again. I knew you were doing yourconcert, and I did not want you to mess up, if you knew that you were missing out. Is that okay?”

“I guess,” I said feeling sad.

Well, there you go. That was my first adventure. But the second was much worse.

Last year, when we were all leaving to go on our annual sleigh ride, we were all happily walking down the street, with hot chocolate in our hand. Then, a man came up to me and stole my hot chocolate. When he grabbed the drink out of my hand, he accidentally grabbed my scarf as well. He was surprisingly strong, and I was in the air, waving like the Canadian flag, while he was running away, not knowing I was still attached to him.

Finally, my scarf loosened, and away it went with the man. My mom and dad were  shocked. My dad helped me up an dusted me off. We kept going along the street, as we did not want to be late for the rides. They are always sold out, and if you are late, they will leave without you. We got there just in the nick of time, and we all piled into the sleigh. My mom, dad, sister, and I were so excited. Within five minutes, we were off. Everything went well until we took a sharp turn, and I fell out of the sleigh. Since we were on the street, I did not fall in to snow, I fell in to slush. You know, the yellow kind! With dog pee in it! Of course I accidentally left my mouth open from yelling, and I ate some. By the time I got up, I could see the sleigh with my family in it, turning a corner. I sprinted after it. I slipped quite a few times, and fell on my backside and hurt myself, but I got up and kept running. After a minute, I saw they were going around another corner, so I sprinted across the street, where other pedestrians were crossing. I just caught up. By the time I got halfway between the crosswalk and the sidewalk, a Taxi came out of nowhere and hit me. I was okay, but I was furious at the driver. He didn’t even stop to say sorry. All drivers are like this in Toronto. I kept sprinting after my family, and as I turned another corner, a garbage man was emptying a trash can. He was surprised to see me sprinting at him so he threw garbage in my face out of panic. I opened my eyes to find that I was covered in a pile of garbage bags, and that my feet were smothered in open dog poop bags.

I finally gave up the idea of going after my parents, and decided to go home. Never again, will I go on a sleigh ride as it is clearly bad luck for me. Maybe the year after next I’ll try again…