WDolan_IRJE_”Heaven Is For Real”

Heaven is For Real, is a non-fiction novel that tells the story of a three and a half year old boy named Colton, that journey’s to heaven during his appendectomy. When the surgery is over, Colton retells the details and experiences he went through during the surgery. He tells his parents of his encounters with God, Jesus, dead family members.He also astonishes his parents when he tells them exactly what they were doing while he was on the operating table. His descriptions of heaven, (according to his dad that is a pastor) matched the bible perfectly, and he hadn’t started to read yet! He tells his parents that  when people enter heaven, they become young again, and everything about them is perfect. Those who have disabilities on earth, are made perfect once they enter into heaven.

In the quote below, Ali (a friend of Colton’s parents) was listening to Colton talk about his dead sister. His mother, years before, had a miscarriage. He was crying while explaining that he missed his sister. Ali was believing what he was saying, but also had doubts, as a six year old explaining something so vividly such as death, is unheard of. The quote is explaining how we may follow a certain religion, but still have doubts about what we are practicing.


“Ali had grown up in a Christian home but had entertained the same doubts as so many of us do: for example, how did we know any one religion is different from any other?” (pg. 130)


I like this quote as it shows that it is human nature to have doubts about topics such as religion. Even if you follow a certain faith, it is still okay to have questions. Just because you have doubts, that doesn’t mean the higher power you believe in will be disappointed in you.