WDolan_IRJE ‘Elijah of Buxton’

‘Elijah of Buxton,’  is a novel based upon the life of Elijah who is the first black child in Buxton, Canada (a place where runaway slaves went into hiding), to be born free from slavery. Although he may be seen as a hero, many refer to him as fragile as he is afraid of snakes. During the quote below, the narrator is explaining about how Elijah has tracked down the thief who stole money from his friend that was hoping to buy his family out of slavery, and has found a baby called Hope. They are on their way to freedom, and Elijah is reminding himself and the baby, that they are returning to freedom. Whether they make it back in time? We don’t know.

“Today you’re truly free, and you choosed the most beautifullest, most perfectest day for doing it!” pg. 341

I chose to write about this quote, as I think this comment expresses a hopeful feeling Elijah encounters. Elijah is explaining to Hope that she chose perfect timing to show up, when he tracked down the thief that stole his friends money. This quote really speaks to me; as the author is writing about an eleven year old that is of the same ethnicity as me and in the country to be born free of slavery, and talks about being free as if he endured years of pain.