“Brave doesn’t mean your not scared” pg 331.  ‘The Hate You Give’ by Angie Thomas.


During this quote, Starr’s mom is trying to tell her that bravery comes in many forms, and it is not always what people describe it to be. Starr is heartbroken on the day of the grand jury because she just experienced the death of her African-American friend Khalil. He was shot by a white Police Officer named Johannes Mehserle.


I like this quote because it teaches me that I can be fearful, and also brave at the same time. Bravery doesn’t necessarily mean that you are without fear. Fear is an emotion that can help you analyze a situation and decide how to respond in a challenging situation. Fear can help you stay safe, but can also be overcome and when appropriate used in conjunction with bravery.


I enjoyed reading this book, as it shows how we as a society need to continue to work to improve racial equality. We must also try to avoid committing crimes that result in senseless violence. This book is quite violent and that makes me feel very uneasy at times. If you are sensitive to violence, I would think carefully about it before you read this book.



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