War reflection

The war hurt many people. The war produced many problems and consequences that would last forever for people that participated in the war and had to see what they saw. People that were in the war had to see many horrific sights that we couldn’t even imagine, this would leave to many soldiers with emotional disorders and impact their states of mind permanently. soldiers would come home from the war and their families would say that they were never the same person.  For example in all quiet on the western front when paul comes home he says “that he wishes he never came back to this place on leave”. The reason for this is because the war had permanently scared him and he could now not relate to anyone. The war did not just hurt the family’s and soldiers but would turn nice towns into ash and mayhem. in honor of the soldiers that fought for us, we have remembrance day to recognize the soldiers that sacrificed it all for there country. Preventing war has been many world leaders’ goals for a while now. But everyone has there opinion on how we should stop wars. But if you want to stop a war you have to know that all of our past attempts have failed miserably. We need to all come together as one whole and work together to create peace, this will take lots of negotiating and hard work though. now at first glance when I look at remembrance day I don’t see anything wrong with it or anything that could potentially offend anyone. But when I look more closely I start to realize how some people have a problem with it. For example, why would we want to celebrate something that soldiers spend most of there lives trying to keep out of there minds? Furthermore, we shouldn’t celebrate something that has caused so much pain, grief, and destruction. I understand that commemorating soldiers is incredibly important but maybe we should just change the way that we do things just a little bit, thanking the soldiers are important but the war is general overall just set us back from world peace. Now if I were to design my own remembrance day ceremony it would start on the 11th day, at 11 am, on the 11th month. Then there would be an explanation of why we are commemorating the soldiers from me. Then the moment of silence, 2 minutes. Then after the moment of silence, we will have the wreaths put up to the monument if there is one. After this, we will have soldiers or family that would like to have a word spoken on the mic for everyone. There will be no requirement on what you have to say. After that for the end we will have hopefully a world war two plane fly overhead if possible, I got this idea from the ceremony my family goes to every year in Cobble Hill, where there is a plane form the war that flys over. The people then may exit if they will or thank the soldiers for there service.