War Blog Post

World War One was a military conflict lasting from 1914 to 1918. Nearly all the biggest powers of the world were involved. The war was cruel and 8 million soldiers died and 22 million were injured. This was the first time when chemical weapons were used. The youngest soldiers were just 12 years old and lived under poor condition. The people who were involved were very poor and they saw lots of dead people and they starved and a lot of soldiers died from diseases. The war is a inhuman cruelity for every human.

The consequences of the World War One was that everything was destroyed, no normal life was possibile and everything has to start from the beginning. The people had to build up their life. There were as well political and economical impacts to the different countries. The soldiers were traumatized all their lives and often had to live with physical limitations. The rest of the population also suffered from the cruel events of the war.

The past has our main lesson to teach us to understand why this war happened and how to prevent it’s happening again. It’s important to remember everything and to forget nothing about the war.

It should be necessary for preventing wars in the future that everybody learns history in school so that everybody knows how terrible a war was. The knowledge should help that everybody is against wars. Only those who are concerned with violence, brutality, who has consciously dealt with suffering and death in war will always speak out against war.

World war one altered the world for decades and writers and poets reflected that shifted outlook in literature in poetry. John Mc Crae uppon seeing how red poppies grew in the fields that had been ravaged by bombs and litered with bodies vote in Flanders Fields. The poem, memorialysing the death of his friend and fellow soldier would later be used to recruit soldiers. In Flanders Fields Mc Crae’s land patreotic tones to the sacrifices of war early in the conflict and later it spawned darker reflections.

On the other hand the book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque reflects the life of the soldiers with all awful and cruel war situations of the war.

If i have to organize a Remembrance Day ceremony at school, everybody will get a red poppy to put on it’s clothes. The school will observe five minutes silence for pupils and stuff along with a special assembly. I would use this day to raise funds for peace projects.  There should be only one theme „ war and peace“ about which the pupils have to discuss the whole day.  I think the school executive principale has  to give a speech, in which students are encouraged to fight for peace and to participate in peace projects themselves. I would not use the day to read war literature, i think it would be better to actively discuss with the pupils about war and peace. Hopefully this is the right way to learn students  about war in the past and peace all over the world in future.