Villainy Unmasked

The final few chapters of The School for Good and Evil: a world without princes revolves around the Trial by Tales that the deans of both schools for girls and boys have set up for their students. At the end, Agatha reunites with Tedros while Sophie is heartbroken that her best friend is stolen from her once again. Shattered, Sophie makes a wish to see her mother again, a wish that Dean Evelyn granted.

The ghost [of her mother] smiled lovingly at her, and Sophie fell to her knees.

….“Is it you? Are you my true love?” Sophie asked her mother, eyes wide.

Her mother smiled. “You have to trust me.”

“I do trust you,” said Sophie, tears running. “You’re the only one who knows who I am.”

Evelyn shows her true Evil by using Sophie’s vulnerability to complete her goal: bring the dead Schoolmaster, who she loves, back to life. Because Sophie is grieving her passed mother, Evelyn uses this opportunity to put the Schoolmaster as a form of Sophie’s mother’s phantom. Only a true love kiss can bring someone back to life, just like in fairy tales. This leads to the resurrection of the Schoolmaster. This quote reminds me that many people will exploit your own sadness to get their way, and to be careful of others intentions. 

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