Unit 1 Final Reflection

My term 1 unit final was a blur. I remember actually thinking about my response and analyzing the poems for evidence for approximately the first 10 minutes, and then I blacked out during the rest of it. My writing hand seemed to be moving on its own. I was barely even registering what I was writing because I was so worried about running out of time. And yet, I got a decent grade, and my comments were almost all positive. Apparently, I used strong quotations and I focused well on the language and imagery of each passage.

The only thing that I need to improve on is conciseness, which ties hand-in-hand with my main problem as I wrote the exam. (I was so focused on quantity over quality that I was practically vomiting the words from my brain onto the page.) Specifically, I need to improve at my introductions. In the future, I should focus on stating my thesis, assertions, and conclusion as directly and concisely as possible instead of trying to make my essay seem more interesting with ironically boring hooks filled with generalizations.

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