Unfamiliar yet very inviting – part one of my poem about my South African journey:

It all started with a long journey to an unfamiliar place,

Yet it felt like home.

Although its seemed sketchy, I had a smiling face,

because I didn’t feel alone.

Hot and sunny,

Beautiful and bright,

The mall was busy,

But not too tight.

Good night’s sleep is needed to recover,

After all that drifting,

I get under cover,

And I start to dream.

Food was amazing,

My mouth was watering,

Biltong, droewors,

Lots of candy.

A red bus is what we used to see,

The beautiful Cape town city.

Lots of flowers, lots of trees,

Many new faces on magazines.

Monkeys climbed,

Even on me!

But they weren’t scary,

They didn’t even bite.

Meeting people…

I never knew existed,

But they felt like family,

Almost like sisters.

Going to school,

I embraced my inner “Matie”,

Only to learn,

So did many in my family.

That first week ,

All new and exciting,


Yet very inviting.

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