Train to nowhere: 2

Teddy woke up on the school bus. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for the fact that he remembered passing out on his bed.  Why the hell am I wearing this stupid uniform anyway! He thought to himself staring at his own reflection in the window. He tidied up his brunette hair and noticed stubbles appearing after 2 days without shaving. A never-ending road of dried grass and the bright sun blinded him. It wasn’t a great sight to see after he learned that he had to hunt down a blood thirsty murderer with 50 other teenagers. He peered at the driver; an unfamiliar face stared back at him through the rearview mirror.

“Hey! Where in the world are we going to? We’re supposed to be finding the murderer, not a vacation to some dumb desert!” He yelled at the driver. Surprisingly, no one has woken up from that.

“Shut up boy! You should be grateful no one murdered you last night!” The driver hissed back, stomping on the accelerator, which sent Teddy back in his seat. Teddy nudged Parker who was sound asleep. He also tried slapping Vincent in the face but he didn’t budge. Without any hope of waking any of his friends up, Teddy was left with no choice but to go back to sleep.


“Oi Ted!” screamed Vincent in his ears, “Wakey wakey! Oi Ted! Wake up! We’re here!” Teddy forced his eyes open; the sight of seeing his best friends awake cheered him up.

“Where… are we?” Teddy asked.

“Some weird train station,” Parker replied. “C’mon. Let’s get off this bus. I’m sure it will be a blast!” Teddy questioned whether Parker had lost his mind or just forgotten the fact that he was on a task to find a murderer.

Once all of the students gathered on the dirt path, the intercom screamed at the students. “Welcome, students of Oakridge Academy! Hope you had a great trip coming up all the way here!” The girls were gossiping as if they were in the lunchroom and not an abandoned train station. “As you know, you are assigned by the governor to hunt this murderer down! We do not have clear informations of what he looks like, but he is somewhere here. Best of luck, I hope you make it.” The voice laughed menacingly before the intercom turned off. Before anyone knew, the buses were gone. The students cried, some even begging the voice to spare them. Teddy eyed the only things left behind: 51 bags, labeled with all students names.

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