Train to Nowhere: 1

The Midnight Ball is extravagant. The school reserved the hotel’s conference room just for us. The girls are wearing beautiful long gowns while the boys wear suits tailored just for them. The ballroom is filled with arranged wildflower in vases on top of white round tables. The girls heels clack as a slow-dancing song plays. A girl with brown braids and pink puffy dress, Mya, dances with Tristan. Beside the lovebirds are Lucas and Jeremy who are messing around together as always. At the middle table stood a pyramid of banana muffins and a bowl of punch. I walk towards the table and got myself two cups of juice and searched for Jade; she is resting on one of the balconies. Her blonde hair shines in the moonlight and her green eyes glitter while her white dress flutters in the wind. I shoved her the cup of juice I’ve gotten for her. We talk about stupid things: what the punch is made of, how stupid this entire ball is, how we wished something more exciting would happen.

Suddenly, Mr. Sharma clangs his glass of champagne as he walks up to the stage to make an announcement, “Tonight is the last night we are staying here… As we are heading elsewhere tomorrow!” The room groans. “We’ve been assigned by the governor to assess all of your abilities to survive in the real world. We know that you are able to work together to take down this serial killer on the loose!”

Before any of us could process what is going on, the teachers force us out of the hall and into our rooms.

“Sweet dreams, Jade and Abigail. Have the rest you will need,” smiles Mrs. Hampton, as she locks our door. As the room filled with silence and darkness, I closed my eyes.

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