‘This is home’ IRJE #1

In the book Red Queen, by Victoria Avenyard, Mare, who as well as most of the population is in poverty, has been taken from her home and family in exchange for her brother and best friend to be excused form a war that lasted more than a century. The war is still going on. She is taken to live in the palace, having to go on a boat to get there.

“Yes, the shoreline is already familiar to me. I know that mangled tree, that stretch of bank, and the echo of saws and falling trees is unmistakable. This is home.” (pg. 280, third indention)

These three sentences stood out to me because it made me think about what it would be like to have to go through what she went though. It made me feel quite sad because though it has been a long time, and she has had so many changes in her life she still can recognize her home, no matter how much they try to change her she wouldn’t forget her past. I suppose the reason this specific section hit me is because when I move away and lose those I love, I don’t think I could ever forget the way back home, all the little but big details like the tree to Mare .


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