“they shall not grow old”

“They shall not grow old” shows us what happened in the war, from start to end, from the British point of view. The young boys and men wanting to join the army thinking its going to be fun and have a great time, hurts to watch, those men didnt know what they were getting themselves into, the pain, suffering, and grief they would have to deal with is insane for some of their ages, some even lied of their age to get in the army. “All quiet on the western front” and “soldiers home” describes to us mostly the emotional state of soldiers, “They shall not grow old” shows us the grusomeness of the events, the dead bodies, the bombardment, every single thing that happens in the war is showed to us. We dont really see much of how they feel except at the start they are really happy and excited, later you can tell they dont have smiles on their faces anymore. Some similarities I managed to point out or think about were some such as soldiers in dispair, they knew they could die any minute, and some did die with that feeling in their chest, soldiers knowing that when they came back home they wouldnt be the same person, everything changes when you go to war. All the surviving soldiers came home to grim families(most of them), no available jobs, and some came home without limbs, eyes, or features that “made them human”. “They shall not grow old” changes your perspective on war, on soldiers, on people, in the end, everyone just wants a hug.

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