“They shall not glow old”

“They shall not grow old” gave me bigger influence than “Soldier’s Home” and “All Quiet on the Western front” because it was more realistic. There were clips of dead people and we could hear real think of soldiers and the cruel sounds of the war. And the characters in “They shall not grow old” have various backgrounds. Each soldier recounted their experiences with trying not to think about it deeply. That made me feel the war nearly more. I found that these three had same end that all soldiers lost the meaning of life and there was nothing left after the war. And they couldn’t live like us, like normal lives. I thought this would lead this title ”They shall not grow old”. They couldn’t glow old because they lost reason to live so it means they didn’t glow old, only time had passed. I learned that though the soldiers were fighting in different side, they thought same thing and they were wondering why they were fighting each other. That’s the most interesting point.



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