The story of Vaizix Part 1

The world of Vaisix is a medieval fantasy world that has been in a struggle for power for years between 6 big factions founded by houses. The first house and the most noble is the House Hardegen. The second is House Persefall which controls the icy north. The third house is House Guibert which is in the west of the mainland and has big bastions and big defenses but lacks good offense. The fourth house is house Ancelmus which controls the East of the mainland and they don’t have many defenses but have a great offense strategy and have had a long standing rivalry with House Guilbert. The 5th house is house Percival which controls the warm south and has big advancements in ship technology so they control the seas. The 6th and last house is house Ranulph which controls the center of the mainland and has big cities with big fortifications. They are the main power in the mainland and have a big trade empire. There is a 7th evil faction which is controlled by Lord Brevil, the Lord of the Dead and he has a very powerful army which he uses to raid the enemy factions and try to rise to the golden throne of Vaizix, like his predecessor, the Lord of Death also known as Dark King once did. The golden throne has its origins after the great war of Expansion between the Dark Legions and the Alliance of Vaizix conformed by the great duchies and empires of the old Realm.

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