the secret behind plants

Oh, how I love plants. They make everything look cozy and positive. Their green color makes things look bright and colorful. Plants have useful skills that most humans do not have. Plants talk about their owner without embellishing. If the plants are happy and living, the owner is happy as well. If they are dying, maybe the owner is dead. Or lazy. Or the owner forgot to water them. But it says a lot more than one would think. Sometimes, people don’t even try to take care of them with the excuse “They will die in my care.” But if they would try slowly, with just one little plant, they will eventually get used to it. After some time, they could try to buy more and sooner or later have a big garden filled up with colors and scents. Thats why my mom always loved them. She had a lot of friends who she treated like her beloved plants. If you give them food, time to grow, and love, they’ll love you back.

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