the new skate park

my local skatepark near my house has been the same every since t was first mad about twenty years ago. the skatepark has practically been my home away from home for about 6 years ever since I first started going there when I was about eleven to ride my bike. when I first started getting into extreme sports I was riding my BMX bike, after a while of riding my BMX bike for about two years I started to lose interest in it and started skateboarding. Skateboarding was very fun at the beginning learning how to do all of the basics fairly quickly, but after a while learning new tricks just was not happening for me and I felt as though I had hit a barrier in which I just could not advance my skills any further. So after a while, I lost interest in skateboarding and the[n started scootering surprisingly. Now why this was so surprising for me was because I was going to start riding bikes again but race downhill instead of the skatepark, so one day I decided to go ride the little cheap scooter that my mom had bought for me for Christmas. When I showed up to the skatepark a kid who was also on a scooter told me to keep at it because I had learned how to tailwhip in that day in only a couple of tries, this kids name was Caleb and is now my one of my closest friends. So I did decide to keep scootering going and still am riding to this day. But back to the skatepark, last year in September we had a public meeting about an expansion being added on to the existing skatepark. It was originally supposed to be finished by Christmas, but that did not happen. the skatepark did not start being built till the next year in September. Now the park is being made and we are all super excited to be able to ride something new that isn’t the same.