The Magic Misfits

In The Magic Misfits, written by Neil Patrick Harris, a boy named Carter Locke is running away from his Uncle Sly. The darkness of the train yard and the ever-growing fog makes it difficult for Carter to see. He is running for his freedom, which his Uncle had taken from him the moment his father died.

“Carter! Get back here! Don’t you run from me, boy! I ain’t going to hurt you!” (p. 2)

The person speaking this quote is Carter’s Uncle who tries to lure him back into his grasp with gentle words which are nothing but a lie. Carter knows what his Uncle is trying to do which is why he continues running, wanting nothing more than to be free from his Uncle. Carter was nothing more than a pawn for his Uncle’s shenanigans. This is the only reason why his Uncle is trying to get him back. The advantages Carter brought to his Uncle were beneficial towards keeping them alive.