The Lost Boys of Lampson

In The Lost Boys of Lampson written by P.N. Holland, a boy named Billy who is in grade seven finds his way into the grounds of Lampson Street School. Immediately when he entered he felt chills, as if something was wrong. The school was usually a place you would feel comfortable but today was different. It was quiet and Billy felt like he was being watched. He turned around but all he saw was the emptiness of the school grounds. As he made his way deeper into the school he found himself in front of a building with large red doors that made him feel uncomfortable, as if he was about to be swallowed alive by the building. Behind him, he heard the cawing of crows, and as he looked up to one of the school windows he was overcome by fear.

“A shadowy form appeared at the once uncovered window, a stick in its hand or maybe a cane, the end glowing white.” (p. 1)

I feel that the quote above is important because it reveals to us the true mystery behind the school. Even though Lampson School looks and feels welcoming it has a dark secret that Billy has just witnessed. Unsure of what he saw, Billy thinks that it was his imagination. But what he saw in the window was not at all a figment of his imagination and he will only find out the truth as he progresses through the year.