The Kite Runner

In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, a boy named Amir and Hassan are high up in a tree, sitting on two separate branches. The two of them have been best friends since they were kids. Up in the tree, they are playing a game where they try to hit their neighbor’s German Shepard by using a slingshot which is loaded with Walnuts. Often being caught by Hassan’s father Ali, who would yell at his son for doing such mischevious things. Even though it was Amir’s idea, Hassan would never tell on Amir. This goes to show how strong their friendship was.

“And he laughs while he does it.” {4}

“The smoking room.” {4}

“Fattening the pipe.” {5}

“The Wall of Ailing Corn.” {6}

“This is grown-ups time.” {5}

This last quote tells us of the time when Amir asked his father Baba if he could sit with him and his friends while they stuffed their pipes, and discussed politics, business, and soccer. But his father just stood in front of the doorway and told him to: “go on, now.”


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  1. Armaan, you are on the right track here, but your quotation—or collection of quotations—confuses me. They seem disconnected, and you don’t explain how to make sense of them. The closing of the paragraph comments on one of the quotations, but doesn’t explain why it’s important. And your page citations should be enclosed by normal parentheses, like this (p. 7). Review Error #10 in the Marking Key for more help with quotations.


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