The first time I saw the light – A poem:

I saw the light:

I woke up the same as any other day,

Got dressed,

Made breakfast,

Outside, it wasn’t even grey.

Off to school,

Early like usual,

But something felt off,

Yet not like a cough.

After a class,

Or two,

I drink a glass,

And still, I feel a little bit blue.

I call my mom,

I act all calm,

All I wanted to do was cry,

But I kept cool and went with a lie.

Soon enough school was over,

I went home,

Found a three-leaf clover,

And was all alone.

After dinner we watch some tv,

My mom said I look tired as far as she could see.

Off to bed I go,

It took a while to fall asleep though.

“Oh, S..a I hope you’re okay”

Over the sirens, that’s all I hear them say.

All I’m thinking about is my sister,

About how much I’ll miss her.


Turns out that was not the last time I would see the light.

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