“The Escape Room” William_Dolan_Personal_Writing

My name is Geno. I am an architect, and I am the one who designed Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Tower is going to be the tallest building in the world. I also design escape rooms. Today I am going to test my newly designed escape room with my friend Jesse. She is my assistant and she’s exceptional at escaping from escape rooms. Whenever she figures out how to escape, she forces me to come up with a new, more challenging room. I have never escaped from my own design before. Jesse made sure to change some of the features in the room, so that it would become more of a challenge, as I know my rooms inside and out.

On Wednesday, we headed to downtown Middleton, to go to my escape room office. We were both wearing big sweaters and Nike sneakers. Jesse wore leggings, and I wore sweats. We were dressed warmly, as I had added temperature changing effects. One minute it may be normal temperature, next minute it could be 30 below zero. And sometimes, it can get to 40 degrees celsius. We had someone pass out once, as it was so hot!

We checked in at the counter, and Joe, my trusty secretary, led us to our room. The rooms are actually quite large. Joe wished us luck, and closed the door behind us, which automatically locked. We looked ahead, and in front of us, there was a large green safe. A loud voice came out of nowhere and yelled; “Open the safe!!!”

It was quite alarming to be honest. Together, Jesse and I walked towards the safe. We turned the wheel on the door which was surprisingly loose. No sooner had we swung the door open, an entire flood of water came bursting out of nowhere. The whole room was flooding to the ceiling, which was 17 feet high, and we were drowning.

“Quick, get inside the safe. There must be something that will drain this water!” yelled Jesse. And with that, I took a deep breath and dived into the water and inside the safe. As soon as I got inside, the door slammed closed, and the safe started flooding. I was scared. I banged on the door, trying to get Jesse’s attention, but the racket I was making was drowned out by the rushing water. Then, out of nowhere, a huge explosion burst the safe open, and the water was draining into a hole in the ground.

Just as we were catching our breath, the room started to rotate, and change form. Within 30 seconds, the room had turned into a halloween theme.

“Halloween isn’t for an entire month!” I yelled angrily. I realized that my werewolf, clown and and zombie robots were going to attack us at any moment. I sort of wished I hadn’t made 60 of each robot, because this room was bad enough. I had programmed the robots to grab the occupants in the room, and now I was the victim of my scary creation. Then as I was thinking about this, I heard all 60 of the werewolves howl, and I knew I was in for it…