The City of Ember

The City of Ember is a book based upon a few instructions that were written by the chief builder of the city. The instructions said that the citizens inhabiting the city of Ember must not leave it for at least two hundred and twenty years.

“Will you trade with me?” Doon asked.

“Trade?” Lina asked.

“Trade jobs. I don’t want to waste my time being a messenger. i want to help save the city, not run around carrying gossip.”

In the city of Ember, the sky was always dark. The only light came from great flood lamps on the tops of buildings and poles. When the lights were off, the city was so dark that people might as well be wearing blindfolds. The citizens used to wonder that someday the lights of the city might go out and never come back on. The graduating students had to draw jobs, the job of a messenger was the most preferred one whereas the job of an electrician’s helper was the least preferred one. Doon got the job of a messenger and wished to trade with his classmate Lina who had the job of an electrician’s helper. I like this quote because it showed the audience that Doon was willing to help the citizens of Ember and end their suffering by improving the light systems. There was an old generator in the pipeworks that he had ideas for.


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  1. Divya, you have chosen a good quotation and explained it well. You can improve next time by including the author’s name; including a page citation after the quotation; and making sure that all of the “set-up” for the quotation comes before the passage, so that after it there is only your explanation of why the passage is significant.


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