The City of Ember

Friends and family are a very important part of one’s life, and it is one of the things the book ‘The City of Ember teaches us.’

She’d always had fun with Lizzie. But their fun was usually with games-  hide-and-seek, tag, the kinds of games where you run and climb.

Lina and Lizzie were close friends when they were kids,  but as they grew, they started to grow apart. This is pretty common with most youths because many of us have lost friends and had fights, therefore many of us can associate with this. Broken friendships and fights can affect us and hurt us in many ways but it is always best for us to talk it out.


2 thoughts on “The City of Ember”

  1. Hi Divya,
    I agree with what you think about friends grow apart. I’ve had experience with losing friends over fights. Good job on your post!

  2. Divia,

    it may be a short paragraph, but I 100% agree with what you have said.
    You just have to be careful of grammar mistakes.


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