The City of Ember

The City of Ember has been struggling to organize their use of resources, facing a shortage of food, electricity, etc, has been hard for the citizens.

The farther I went the darker it was, and you can’t just keep walking into black dark, can you? it’s like a wall in front of you. I keep turning around to look at the lights of the city, because that’s all there was to see, and then I’d say to myself, Don’t look back, keep moving. But I kept tripping and falling. The ground is rough out there.

This quote mainly describes the way the city of Ember is, the physical features, etc. But when you look at it the other way, it is a motivating quote about life. It says that life is rough, but it always has a silver lining. Life has its own ways, there are tragedies and surprises that you have to deal with. There are mean people out there who will put you down and bully you but on the other hand, there are people who will pick you up and help you when you are sad. When you feel like giving up, remember, that there will always be a way.