I have come to the conclusion that’s Holden is the most stubborn human being on earth. I have said it before but, all holden has been doing is complaining about others and how much he hates them. He does this while he is socializing with these same people and probably being more of a nuisance to them then they are to him.  I find this incredibly immature and ignorant. Why be an incredibly grumpy person with a rude attitude and then complain about others, it makes no sense. this quote from “page 44\45” shows this perfectly.

He said it again. “Holden. If I letcha, up willya keep your mouth shut?” Yes. He got up off me, I got up too. My chest urt like hell from his dirty knee’s, “your’re a stupid sonuvabitch moron”, I told him. That got him really mad. he shook his stupid big finger in my face. “Holden God damit I’m warning you now. for the last time. If your not gonna keep your yap shut I’m gonna-” “why should I?” I said- I was practically yelling. “That’s just the problem with all you morons. You never want to disguss anything. thats the way you can alway’s tell a moron. They never want to disguess anything intelling-” Then he really let one at me, and the next thing I knew, I was on the od damn floor again.

This quote shows perfectly how much of a bad fiend Holden is. I understand how feeling can get the best of you, and how you can end up doing some pretty ridiculous things. But all I see coming out of this quote is Holden being the definition of a hypocrite. people are allowed to be mad at others but when you’re doing the same thing they’re doing to you straight back even worse then they did, you can’t complain.  Holden keeps on teasing Straldlater even after he warns Holden to stop. All Holden is doing for himself is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole constantly.




  1. Jackson, I love this! Here’s my question. Can you work out why Holden deliberately provokes Stradlater? What reason(s) does he have for resenting Stradlater, or being annoyed by him, or angry with him?


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