The Call Of The Wild: By Jack London

“And he heard the call- the call of the wild.” (pg 186, Chapter 20)

When I read this quote, I interpret it to mean “follow your dreams.” This quote is so uplifting as we get to see that Buck is finally getting to do something that makes him happy. But I find this quote makes me question what Buck’s life will look like in the near future.

During this quote, the author is explaining (narrating) Bucks happiness while he is with Thornton and how deep down he has this feeling that he needs to answer the call of the wild and go to his rightful place, free of the rule of mankind.

I recommend for you to read this book as it will make you want to pursue the dreams you have deep down in your heart.


2 thoughts on “The Call Of The Wild: By Jack London”

  1. William, you have not followed the directions. Please read the “Independent Reading Journals” page and be sure to format your IRJE correctly next time.

  2. Hi Will,
    I enjoyed your writing and take on this book. I have a few small corrections, 1) The format. It is not formated as are independent reading journals are supposed to be. 2) The call of the wind should be capitalized in your second paragraph, as it is a proper noun. Besides those two small corrections good job.


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