The Best Food

So, I have officially run out of ideas for personal writing, by this point, I’m just writing about anything that comes to my mind randomly. When writing this I’m currently very hungry, well I always am but right now especially.

 Now my favorite meals are probably pancakes for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, sushi for dinner, and then cobbler for dessert. Now rarely ever end up eating lunch I just end up snacking on things throughout the day, but if I had to choose those are what I’m choosing.  Ever since I was younger, I could eat a ridiculous amount of pancakes every Saturday morning.  when I was 9, I remember eating 11! Now for lunch recently I’ve just been doing smoothies if I do end up eating lunch, but I will say it’s my new favorite way to eat.  It’s so easy to eat so many good things at once, it’s amazing. Another thing I have loved since I was a kid is sushi. Sushi has always been my favorite as it is for many people. After I eat sushi, I feel refreshed I don’t know why but it just feels new in a sense every time. Finally, it is my mom’s cobbler. This stuff is basically edible gold. It has a nice fluffy inside and lots and lots of blackberry sauce which is a dessert by itself. Now we rarely ever eat this but when we do It will be for someone’s birthday or something along the lines of that.