Story of Vazix part 2:The houses 1

House Guibert

House Guibert was founded by Vicar Guibert who was the leader of the    Smotia Empire during the battles of the Forest and the Twin Mountains. He rised to the glory after these battles and since then didnt loose a single bettle. Their main Castle is the Red Keep which is next to their capital city, Perseus. Perseus is the capital of Guibert because it is a symbol of resilience and perseverance since it was the first city founded after the great battles of expansion


House Hardegen

House Hardegen was founded after the Battles of Expansion in which the great Kingdom of Ikh came out victorious. After the Kingdom was dissolved because of the assasination of Kind Harald the Third, the several Duchies went on different ways until one warlord, Margrave Hardegen, established the foundations for the House of Hardegen which would be his legacy.


House Persefall

House Persefall has it’s roots very deep with the origins of the realm of Vaizix. Viscount Wilmont Persefall established the House of Persefall in the north and united the regions to stand against the Lord of the dead and has ever since been holding the frontier by establishing several strongholds along the Black wall and many guard towers to cover every single corner of the territory of House Persefall.


House Ancelmus

The story of House Ancelmus is the house of the East. It controls the main forts of defense against the Lord of the Dead and his Hordes. It has it’s roots in the war of the legions. Demir Ancelmus was a military general and strategist during the main battle of this war and he was the founder of House Ancelmus after the war and he was granted many benefits as a war hero.

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