Stormbreaker / Independent Reading

In the novel Stormbreaker by Antony Horrowitz, 14-year-old Alex Rider, an agent of the Secret Service, into which Sales Enterprises has infiltrated as computer freak Felix Lester. Here he is supposed to get to the bottom of why Sales, apparently without any self-interest, produces computers which he then wants to give away to all schools in England.
In the chapter “Nightly Visit” Alex tries to get to the bottom of the matter and is the first teenager to test the computer.

” It’s great,” said Alex, and that was actually his opinion. He still couldn’t believe that this ridiculous male is supposed to have developed a device that is so powerful.”

“Alex is also totally fascinated by 24 hour internet access. “(p.118)

It means they have 24-hours free Internet access. (p.118)

Alex thinks it’s cool. I like this quote, because I think everyone can remember the excitement about their first computer. And what teenager wouldn’t be excited about 24 hour access. The author manages to involve the reader in what is going on, because old memories are created for the reader while reading.