Start of Winter

As we all know, it snowed this week. I love snow, but who doesn’t. I live on the Malahat, so I seem to get more snow than most people in Langford, but i’m not complaining. But when it snows, it snows a lot.

During the snowfall this week, I got about 6-7 inches. Now, I have 6 dogs, and they LOVE the snow. They would stay outside all day if you could, but they would get too cold. My dog, Hank, he is a small French Bulldog, and when he goes in the snow he disappears, and then all of a sudden he will just pop up out of no where in the snow. All my dogs, at the same time, play in the snow.

I have a 2km driveway, so obviously it is pretty good for sledding. So when I want to go sledding, my dad takes a side by side, which is like a big quad. And we attach a sled, or a GT snowracer, and he drives down the driveway, while i’m on the back. But while we are going down the driveway, all 6 of our dogs are following us, because they think we are going somewhere, so they follow. But when we get to the bottom of the driveway, they cant run back up, because they are all too tired. So, I take the 3 small dogs we have and I put them on the sled with me, which is not easy, but we make it work. And than the other 3 big dogs have to either run or walk back up.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

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