This spring break, our communities, and the entire world has gone through many large changes. These changes have changed the way we communicate with others, socialize, get food, etc. Now for some people these changes ave not been applied for there families and friends. But for others, these changes have been fully engaged. We now have o socialize through the screen of your phone, and it’s not like we already do that a lot but, now we have to do it to get in contact with anyone for anything. 

Going out and doing regular daily things have changed as well. Grocery stores different departments have to sell everything pre-packaged from now on. You cannot sit in fast food restaurants they only offer drive-through. Many people are in self-isolation after coming back into Canada from other counties. Some close friends of my family just came back from Israel, they have to stay in their home and cannot leave for any reason for two weeks. SSO what me and My mom and I have been doing is going out and buying their groceries for them. We aren’t even allowed to hand-deliver it to them we have to leave it on there front porch then text them to let them know we dropped them off. 

There is a positive to all of the changes that we have been having around the world. Pollution has gone down immensely in heavily populated areas where the air is filled with fumes from cars and other forms of transportation. Water has become much cleaner is certain areas Italy in specific, the channels in Venice are now much cleaner then they have been in years. Just sad nobody can experience it since their on lockdown in their houses. So even though there are so many stressful and haywire things going around us right now, there are some really good things too. So when we are going through this world epidemic and you’re watching the news and hearing all of these frightening things happening. To try to calm yourself down think about how


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