“Some Girls Do” and some girls… don’t – IRJE#4:

The novel I am currently reading, is titled Some Girls Do, written by Jennifer Dugan. It is about two girls; one named Ruby who loves nothing more than tinkering with her car but is stuck perusing her former beauty queen mother’s dreams when competing in local beauty pageants for extra money. Morgan on the other hand, a track star for running and has just been kicked out of her catholic school for being gay, because apparently it is against their school code of conduct. The first chapter is about how their world collide. One passage found relatable and that stood out to me;

But there are some things you can’t say out loud: like how her dream isn’t my dream anymore, hasn’t been for a while, no matter how hard I tried to force it. Like how I wish that post-dated check word for bills and groceries and not tap lessons I hate and spray tans that won’t do anybody any good. like how I’ve been faking my smile for so long, I’m scared I don’t know what the real one feels like anymore. (P. 22)

I found this relatable because I know what it’s like to do things for other people when you’ve either lost passion, or never had any in the first place. Or for having the pressure to find the passion out of fear of giving up. And the last sentence about faking a smile, for me I lost so much of my passion for music that I don’t feel like I have passion anymore, or if I do, what it feels like. This quotation gives the feeling of nostalgia can be relatable for many people for any circumstance, which is why I found this passage so impactful.

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