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Koichiro Sakakihara

October, 11, 2022

English A

Now we’ve read two stories, Soldiers home and All quiet on the western front. Both stories are about war and I found some similarities and differences between Kreb and Paul while I was reading this stories so I’m going to explain where and how.

First, I’m explaining similarities between this two characters. These two main characters from this story, Krab and Paul are both enlisted in the army. However, Krab enlisted in Marines and Paul enlisted in normal army. Additionally, They both didn’t want to speak about the war and both remembered the terror of the war.

Now I’m explaining the differences between this two characters. They were from different sides and armies. Paul was German soldier/army and Krab was U.S. marine corp. The biggest difference between Paul and Krab was, Krab survived the war and Paul died in the middle of the war. Krab didn’t want to but still he was able to tell stories about the war. However, Paul died in the middle of the war so he wasn’t able to tell stories or to go back to his hom

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