Soldier’s Home

Krebs and Paul went to the war during their youth. They both were changed the way of seeing the things because of the war. Krebs don’t want to live with any consequences. It means he couldn’t see the value in any things. Paul also lost the meaning of life. He said “and even if these scenes of our youth were given back to us we would hardly know what to do. They were too young to give their time to the war. They were taken the most important time of the life. The similarities between Krebs and Paul show that war is something that changes not only time, but everything about their lives afterwards. The two were enemies, but the outcome for those who went to war was the same.

On the other hand, the have differences. Though Paul died during the war, Krebs survived from the war. So, Krebs has an after story of his  life. I feel he had harder life than Paul because he lived. After he went back his home, he couldn’t behave as same as before. He needed to lie in order to be a hero. His mother tried to make him work and spend normal life. However, these things put too much pressure on him. When his mother talked about his aim for life to him, he said nothing and looked at the bacon fat hardening on his plate instead seeing his mother.(p6)

I think this is the experience and new pain that Paul didn’t have because of his dead. Sometimes it seems the death is the end and the most sadness thing but sometimes it’s better option than live. Krebs got life and lost happiness, Paul got death and lost suffering. That’s the biggest difference that they got and lost after life.

I can’t choose which life is better but one thing I can say about their life is the war destroy everything and leave only unhappy life after it.

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