SKI TRIP, 2020

The ski trip this year was such a fun experience. We woke up way too early though, I had to get at 4:30 in the morning to catch the bus.  I was being picked up from Mcdonalds in Duncan since I live in Shawnigan Lake. Once the little bus had picked me up, I basically passed out the rest of the way to Mount Washington. We arrived at the mountain and got all of our rentals such as goggles, boots, and a helmet. Then we were free to go out and ride unless it was our first time snowboarding or skiing, then you had to do lessons for the basics. It was my second time snowboarding so I just went up the lifts right away. On my first few runs down I was pretty shaky and was struggling to keep up my speed and balance. This was mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t turn on the tow side of the board and was always using my heelside. So I made it a goal for myself to learn how to turn on my two edge by the end of the day. 

So I went and found Efosa who also snowboards and we started to try to learn how to turn on the tow edges of our boards together. I found that if I learned more on my front foot it would start to throw me sideways on my tow side which was good to figure out. So I began just putting more and more wait on my front foot, I found the right balance. If you put to much wait on your front foot, your board will dig in too much and you will smack your face on the snow. I eventually got the hang of it and it made such a difference. I was now able to carve back and forth much easier and keep my speed. By the end of the day, I was going down the runs much faster then I was at the beginning of the day which felt nice knowing that I progressed. After the ski trip, the next day was very painful and filled with doing a lot of nothing. But all the hard falls were worth it, in the end, I’m glad I went and had such a fun time with all my friends.