Six Crimson Cranes: Elizabeth Lim

I started this book, “Six Crimson Cranes”, and it is a kingdom based in the town of Kiata. Shiori, the princess of this kingdom, the only girl of 7, has special magic she can tell no one. Magic is sacred in this kingdom, and if you are found to be using it, you get sent away to a school that reduces your power, and soon causes you to lose it.

Shiori and her 6 older brothers, have a step mother, she doesn’t talk much, and doesn’t involve herself in the kids lives. Shiori’s mother died when she was little, she doesn’t remember much of her, only her brothers do.

Shiori is 17, and forced to marry a prince from another kingdom. Her father and step mother are very persistent to this happening, and Shiori will do anything to stop it.

“I’m not going to enchanter school” I said, the bitterness whether Father would actually exile me, or have me executed, if he found out about my abilities had kept me more nights than i had wished to admit. (pg. 47)

This book is very interesting and I like the storyline to it. It keeps having surprises that I don’t expect, and I do not get bored, which is really important to me. I am excited to keep getting farther into this book, and learning new things.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

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