Singapore school (PW #1)

Before i migrated to Canada, i lived in Singapore for my whole life. I was in the Singapore Sports School for 2 years before i joined Brookes Westshore. I specialised in the 10 meter air pistol category while i was in the Singapore Sports School. My Mother represented Singapore for the National team for shooting also when she was in her late teens and early twenties, so i had gotten introduced to shooting from a young age as i would be in the stands right behind watching her as she shot. I attended shooting lessons twice a week since i was 11 coached by a ranked 7 in Asia, he was a true professional and i had learnt so much and gained wisdom through the hundreds of lessons he taught me. When i was 12, i attended my first Singapore cup, i had gotten the details mixed and only started my first shot thirty minutes later then everyone, this meant that i only had forty-five minutes remaining in my first competition. The anxiety was overwhelming, but this aided to my adrenaline to help me focus better than the average shooter, i thrived on my anxiety and had won my first Singapore cup ( open category ) at twelve years old. I had achieved a score of 536 out of 600, this was an average score of a  proficient high school athlete. My coaches were as shocked as the older shooters i had scored higher than. Many great coaches had noticed me in that competition, including the coach at the Sports School. This helped me greatly in applications and it was an effortless enrolment into the prestigious ranked 2 School in Singapore.

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