Scary experience PW #2

I recalled a scary experience that happened last year in winter when it snowed, it all started with me and my 2 friends Tariq and Abdul trying to catch the bus to go to this golf course to go sledding. We were all at the bus stop and it had been about 45 minutes of us waiting. Then we saw a police car and they drove past us telling us to throw a snowball at their car as we threw it at their car my friends decided that because we are waiting we should just throw snowballs at all the cars in the area as they drove by, we started pinning down cars and throwing snowballs at cars, people at the bus stop saw us having fun and decided to join us, as we all threw them at cars we realized that some people started getting upset one lady particularly, she pulled over to the side of the road and go out of her car screaming and yelling at all of us, she threatened to call the police and me and my friends just laughed it off thinking that she wouldn’t do anything. We decided to leave the bus stop and just walk instead. as we walked we heard sirens and 2 police officers got out of their car coming towards us to ask us questions. They were very upset with us and asked us to not do that again especially because it can distract drivers when they are driving. After a while they let us go and we left the scene deciding to never throw a snowball at a car again.

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