Reflection “Western Fronts”.

In this comparison, we will focus on 2 texts and 1 film, these are “All Quiet On The Western Front”, “Soldier ‘s Home” and “They Shall Not Grow Old”. It is clear that the film, apart from being something much more visual and aggressive, is made for an adult audience. In this film they show us how the war was seen and how life was like from a trench, they also explained all the brutalities and nightmares that are lived in the war. This is all very similar to the book “All Quiet On The Western Front”. One of the biggest similarities between these two works is the way they depict and explain the war. All the disgusting and terrifying tasks and actions they had to do, whether it was wallowing in excrement or killing a badly wounded person, etc… These are things that the two stories also have in common.All this, in comparison with the last text “Soldier ‘s Home” has nothing to do, since in this last text the war is not described as much as in the previous cases, and much less gives that amount of details. Instead of all that here it explains the life of the soldiers after the war (Krebs as the main character).

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