Reflection They shall not grow old

In the documentary film “They shall not grow old”, the audience could watch how the life in the trencjes was actually like and also It showed the true horrors of the war and it was very similar to “All quiet on the western fornt”. It has similarities in the facts that they both try tot show how the war was actually like and how the raids and charges across no mans land were actually like and the fear that they felt was inhumane. aditionally the war was very stressful and there were always sounds of bombardments and artillery firing. In comparison “Soldiers home” doesnt describe a lot the war, but instead it narrated the life of the soldiers after the war in particulalrly the life of Krebs who was an american soldier who had enlisted in the marines to go fight in the western front but wasnt inmediatly accepted back into society and this also happened with the british soldier who fought in WW1. They were like a different race apart form civilians.

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