Since reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, you can clearly see what Shakespeare wanted people to understand from experiencing the play in the 1500s. Shakespeare wanted people to understand love better and what it meant. He wanted you to understand what love can lead to if taken the wrong way and how it can heavily impact people. Shakespeare does this by having two lovers, one being Romeo and the other being Juliet. Romeo and Juliet both come from two very different backgrounds, the family that Romeo is from has never approved of the family that Juliet is from although they share the same wealth. 


Immediately when reading Romeo and Juliet all that I can think of is disbelief and stupidity. When I look back on the balcony scene where the two confess love towards each other for the first time, I cannot understand what there thought process was to come to the conclusion that they should get married in the following days. I do understand that these were to fairly young kids, but even when you are a teenager you should still be able to distinguish what going to fast in a relationship is. This whole scene and really the entire play just makes me not be able to take the play seriously since it’s so out of the ordinary and unrealistic. If you were to put this scenario in society today everyone would think they are crazy. Nowadays we see relationships lasting up to ten years, before getting married. One more thing on top of this crazy love story is the use of Shakespearian language. Now I understand for some people that Shakespearian is easy and well worth learning. But for me on the other hand, I had trouble figuring out what most of the sentences in this book meant. Even when I thought I knew what a sentence meant it would come out meaning something else crazy. 


I think that the Capulets and Montagues should have welcomed the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and used it as a stepping stone to becoming two allied families rather than rivals. We also as people should notice our conflicts and see what we can do to resolve them if possible if there’s no need for certain forms of negativity in life why have them consume us.