Quality land

Quality land is a novel published on the 22nd of September 2017 by Marc-Uwe Kling a Songwriter, Author and Entertainer. The book tells us the story about  the frightening future, in which humans loose the control over the machines because they are so realistic that they have characteristics like being shy, afraid of heights or depressed.

In this future all the countries of the world have been transformed into one “QUALITY LAND”. And of course with this kind of Geographic change there are also some changes in the community. For example are baby’s second names the current jobs of their parents which creates names like Paul teacher or Sarah singer. This new country is so important that they even have a new time system quality time which started when Qualityland was started. But the most important change  is without doubt the human ratings. Each individual in Qualityland becomes a rating from 1-100, depending on your rating your life will be influenced. If your level is beneath 10 you are a so called useless and will be treated like one from everyone, but if your level is high enough you get certain benefits like presents, faster shipping of items etc.

This is where we meet our protagonist “Peter homeless” he is a level 11 scrapper who absolutely hates this new world and faced the troubles and problems of it.


2 thoughts on “Quality land”

  1. This is a very interesting novel choice, Dominik, but I noticed some mistakes in your first sentence. You wrote the following: “Quality land is a novel published on the 22nd of September 2017 by Marc-Uwe Kling a Songwriter, Author and Entertainer.” First of all, I believe that you are supposed to put the title of the book in italics, second, you made the mistake of not including a comma after the word “Author.” Other than these small mistakes though, I really like the way you have explained the story.


  2. Hm, this book sounds really fun! I liked how you summarized your content in the first paragraph. It would be great if you included one quote from the book. The ending was a bit sudden, it makes people want to know what happened to Peter homeless….


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