pw#6 Why I think mr Macknight should be president.


Having known Mr Macknight for 7 months of my life, I have to recommend him for the position of president. He is a very smart and good person, and I think it would be great for him to be president because he would make the whole country very intellectual and he would definitely cite Shakespeare in every sentence he uses so we would have a better understanding of literature, as well as improving the reading habits of people because he would make a law that everyone reads on Wednesdays so we could be educated about literature. The other thing I would like to point out is that Mr Macknight is a very straightforward person and he will make sure everything is fair and he won’t let anyone get away with anything. Moreover I see Mr Macknight teaching us how to play the music that he likes to listen so that we can enjoy it and have better taste in music. Finally, I would like to state that Mr Macknight has a very nice vibe and if he were to run for president I would certainly vote for him if he stood for the job. I would like to nominate Mr. Macknight for president of Canada.

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